Get Involved

•  Join NOFRAC (email groundwater (at)

•  Follow NOFRAC on Facebook (

•  Follow NOFRAC on Twitter (

•  Join Stop Fracking in Nova Scotia (North Shore of Nova Scotia, concerned citizens group)

•  Join or start a local group concerned about fracking or the environment

•  Organize a screening of an informational film (e.g. Gasland, Split Estate, Burning Water) and follow it up with food and lively discussion

•  Learn more about fracking, and share your ideas with people in your community

•  Write a letter to the editor, in your local paper or a provincial or national paper

•  Write to your elected representative and councillor, provincial government and tell them your concerns


8 thoughts on “Get Involved

  1. the following news items describe a recent fracking-related issue in Ohio (which got slim coverage in the Canadian press even though the quake was felt in Southern Ontario…) – I did not see this info on your site and it is very important to consider the seismic aspects of the fracking process.

    Best of luck,
    Laurie McCannell (Ontario)

  2. I am so happy up know that there are concerned citizens getting involved and spreading the information. I hosted a showing of Gaslands last night to a few teenagers. They were very worried and mad!

  3. I would love to be more involved inbthe fight against fracking. The Bert way I know us to have material available et our little school. How do I get more of the material that was displayed at the church on earth say?

  4. Was recently at a meeting, found the group to be very unprepared and biased on their opinions. One speaker in particular was just terrible she should not have been speaking for her community.
    A group against something should be unbiased in their opinions and have a leader, you looked like a bunch of idiots who were asking the same questions over again that have been asked time and time again.
    GET ORGANIZED and get your information straight, don’t over inflate the issues to extremes!
    I am not a Fracking lobiest but your misinformation is hurting your cause more then helping!
    You have lots of great information on the site, USE IT!

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