Public Documents

Over the past two years, several members of NOFRAC applied for information through the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act about fossil fuel exploration and extraction activities in Nova Scotia.  As pertinent documents were delivered to NOFRAC members, we became aware of serious concerns for our environment, our health, and for Nova Scotia.  Some of this information is being used to launch legal actions against the government, and some information is being used in a report highlighting how fracking activities have lead to serious long term impacts in rural communities.

It is within our rights to share these documents with the public, and we hope that legal, health, environmental and other experts can review the information and provide accurate information to the public, for their own safety.  The documents were scanned and uploaded to this website for the public to access, for media to review, and for community leaders in affected areas to assess and make informed decisions on future shale gas operations near their homes.

The documents are sorted by region:

Hants County

Inverness County

Other Jurisdiction Documents

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